Kaokoland Area

Considered to be one of the last wild frontiers in the world, the Kaokoland is incredibly beautiful and the expanse of space including Damaraland, you find yourself in is vast and untamed. Contained within its midst are dry riverbeds, beautiful mountain ranges, waterfalls pouring into the perennial Kunene River and wide open plains seemingly devoid of life, but don’t be fooled for the Kaokoland jealously guards beautiful treasures. Home to the nomadic Himba people and refuge for the desert adapted elephants, the wealth of the area is uncalculated. With Opuwo as its capital, the population of the area is measured to be one person to every 2km² which is sparse indeed. The Kaokoland will creep into your very soul as its wild beauty enfolds you. Be sure to traverse the area in a 4x4 vehicle, convoys are strongly advised due to the ruggedness of the area.   




What to see: