Desert Dwelling Elephant

The beautiful beasts of the north western reaches of Namibia are an incredible sight as they lumber across the wide open plains. One can hardly imagine animals of their size finding enough to survive, but the elephants are not to be underestimated. Thousands of years of intricate knowledge of the area and its small water sources have resulted in these animals thriving in an unimaginable world. The elephants have adapted behaviorally and structurally in order to survive. They are smaller in relation to other African elephants and also take great care to not destroy the trees as these are their only source of nutrition. Pods of the majestic ana trees lining the dry river banks are plucked and prove a vital source of food. The elephants play a key role in the natural ecosystem as they are able to shift away the river sands to reveal underlying fresh water springs. Other animals are not able to do this so rely heavily on the pachyderms for life giving moisture. In recent years, reservoirs have been constructed in small villages as man moved in to assure a constant supply of water. This lured the elephants and one can sometimes see them dipping their trunks deep into the cool water. Although they do move through villages they still remain wild animals and care must be taken when approaching them. Never exit your vehicle and always keep a respectful distance. Local guides are fundi’s at tracking them through the dry river courses and will add value to your journey.