Purros Village

The little village of Purros hugs the banks of the Hoarosib River on the outskirts of the desolate Skeleton Coast. It owes its ongoing existence to a fresh water spring providing much needed sustenance to the village inhabitants and their livestock. The local population, consisting mainly of Himba families, have established a link to the outside world in terms of low scale tourism activities. With a local primary school, Himba villages to showcase their unique cultural ways and the herds of elephants constantly moving through the area, Purros has managed to hold on to its existence. A somewhat treacherous landing strip for small aircraft, the only one in the area for miles around, adds to its worth. Accommodation ranges from the community campsite to a beautifully furnished lodge overlooking the plains and the dry riverbed. Elephants are known to stroll through the village and rest in the shade of the trees by the river during the heat of the day. Other wildlife include giraffe, ostrich, oryx and springbok. Purros is filled with culture and the local people still cling to many of their traditional ways and methods.