Etosha Rest Camps

The Etosha National Park offers guests a choice between five rest camps, each with its own character and ambience. Guided morning and afternoon game drives are offered by all camps. The three flagship camps are Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni with Onkoshi and Dolomite being the newest editions to the family.

Okaukuejo is located a mere 17km from the southern Anderssons Gate and is the oldest rest camp. It also serves as the administration center to the whole park. With a permanent, floodlit waterhole and a range of accommodation types ranging from luxury to camping, Okaukuejo is a one stop rest camp with shops, restaurants and shimmering swimming pools. The Etosha Pan lies to the west and the waterhole is frequented by herds of springbok, kudu, oryx, elephant and even black rhino.

Halali lies half way between Okaukuejo and the eastern Namutoni Rest Camp. It was officially opened in 1967 and boasts various types of accommodation, a restaurant, swimming pool and a shop. The name is derived from the sound of a bugle or horn used when hunting. The area was hunted extensively before Governor von Lindequist proclaimed the park a sanctuary in 1907. Beautifully located at the foot of  hill, Halali also offers prime game viewing opportunities.

Namutoni covers the eastern side of the park and is a remnant of the old German fort around which is was built. It offers a glimpse of nostalgia with the fort forming part of its ambience. Overlooking the King Nehale waterhole, the camp encompasses beautiful accommodation, a swimming pool, shops and restaurants. The elevated walkway built across the waterhole adds that extra special touch.

Onkoshi, which means ‘lion’, is a beautifully designed camp and features stunning accommodation within the midst of tranquillity and seclusion. Guests are collected from Namutoni and driven to Onkoshi for a unique and personalized safari experience. With a view of the Etosha Pan, the camp brings forth the true nature and wonderment of the area in terms of stunning scenery containing the colours of Africa, incredible wildlife experiences and luxury accommodation.

Dolomite Camp offers guests a chance to experience Etosha in an otherwise restricted part of the park. Access is gained through the Galton Gate in the west with self driving guests not permitted to enter. Chalets are built on elevated decks and offer panoramic views of the surrounding environment. A small camp compared to the three bigger ones, Dolomite offers seclusion and superb game viewing opportunities.