Getting About Namibia

Travelling options while in Namibia

Namibia's Transportation Options: Exploring the Land of Vast Horizons

Namibia, with its sprawling landscapes and myriad destinations, offers travelers a range of transportation options to navigate its beauty. Among the most favored is self-driving, particularly popular due to the country's well-maintained road network and the breathtaking scenery that accompanies the journey. From endless vistas to dramatic landscapes, every mile traversed reveals a new facet of Namibia's splendor.

For those seeking a quicker, more luxurious option, chartered flights provide an enticing alternative. These flights afford travelers the opportunity to view Namibia from above, granting a unique perspective and saving precious time between destinations. While the cost can be a consideration and the aircraft typically small, the convenience and comfort of flying offer a distinct allure.

Vehicle rental in Namibia is another popular choice, with companies offering everything from compact sedans to fully equipped 4x4 camping vehicles. Opting for a 2x4 vehicle is advisable, given the uneven and corrugated nature of some roads. Driving allows for flexibility and the freedom to explore at one's own pace, with fuel readily available in most towns. To truly immerse oneself in Namibia's vastness, a driving safari of at least 14 days is recommended to fully appreciate its wonders.

While public transport and shuttle services exist, they are generally not recommended due to limited schedules and difficulties in accurate tour planning. Hiking is discouraged, with vehicle hire being a safer, more practical, and ultimately more rewarding option for exploring Namibia's diverse landscapes and hidden gems.