Doros & Messum Craters

The Damaraland area is rich with geological treasures, two being the Doros and Messum craters. Classified as an igneous intrusion, the Doros Crater sprawls south of Twyfelfontein and northwest of the Brandberg Mountain. Evidence of early human habitation has been found in and around the crater which further adds to its wealth. The Messum Crater to the south west of the Brandberg resembles the shape of an amphitheatre and extends over 22km in length. In 1846, Captain W Messum traversed the lands beyond the coastline to explore the vastness of the area. He happened upon the craters and named one after himself. There are two theories for the creation of the Messum crater, one being an ancient volcano and the other that of a huge object that struck the earth. Take note that a local guide and a 4x4 vehicle is required to make your way to the craters, the craters are also an easy day out when based in Henties Bay.