Henties Bay & Surroundings

The town of Henties Bay hugs the cold Altantic Ocean to the north of Swakopmund and carries the ambience of a fisherman’s haven. True to its humble beginnings, Henties Bay is a prime vacation spot for all those with a love for shoreline angling. In 1929, Major Hentie van der Merwe was on a hunting expedition in the central Damaraland area when their water supply ran out. Ploughing through thick desert sands and scorching heat, he happened upon a small fresh water spring just south of the Omaruru River mouth. With their water supplies replenished, the major was able to continue the journey home. He returned the next year to build a small wooden shelter near the spring, it would become his own personal holiday retreat for years to come. He invited friends and family to his little patch of beach and they named the area Hentie’s Bay. Camping was the norm with each bringing own supplies for an incredible experience along the wild coasts of the Namib. In 1951, the then South West African Administration offered plots of land for sale, the only condition was that no permanent structures were to be erected. In 1966, the plots were redrawn to be either left or right of the riverbed. A shopkeeper named Köstens set up shop to sell basics such a sugar, coffee and paraffin. Since then the settlement has grown into a fully fledged town with filling stations, restaurants and angling shops selling equipment and bait. Home to the annual Fish Festival and a favorite vacation destination for fishermen, Henties Bay is picturesque and slow paced. A few 4x4 routes can be explored in the surrounding area as well as hiking trails and various camping spots such as Jakkalsputz. The beach offers wonderful views into the habitats of dainty marine creatures in the rock pools to the south of the town. Explore them at your leisure when the tides are low.