Legend has it that a soldier of the German Imperial Schutztruppe was the first to scale the Spitzkoppe in 1904. Its said that he never returned and that his body was never found. The smooth granite peaks rise up to 1784m above sea level and are estimated to be around 700 million years old. The highest crest is approximately 700m from its base. Translated from the German name meaning "pointed dome", the Spitzkoppe carry many fine examples of Bushman rock art within its strange folds, unfortunately a lot of them have been destroyed due to vandalism.. The protrusions are clearly distinguishable from the wide open plains on the road between Usakos and Swakopmund. The peaks officially lost their claim of a 2 –3 day climbing period in 1971 when a team of mountaineers led by J.W. Marchant  from Cape Town scaled the highest peak in 4 hours. The Spitzkoppe is quite a magnificent site with beautiful walking routes, climbing opportunities and intricate floral beds hidden within its rocky cloak. A campsite offers guests the prospect of incredible night skies at the foot of these odd peaks.