Kaudom National Park

Probably one of the most remote and beautiful areas in Namibia, the Khaudum National Park brings all the elements of a great trip together in one package. With breathtaking scenery, wildlife ranging from elephant, lion, sable and roan antelope to giraffe and wild dogs as well as the opportunity of camping out in the wilderness is the ultimate outdoor experience. Pristine night skies and approximately 320 bird species add that final touch of wonderment. Travelling through the park requires 4x4 vehicles with convoys highly recommended. Be sure to stock up on supplies and fuel as these items are only available at Bagani, Divundu, Mukwe, Rundu and Tsumkwe. The park has two dedicated camping sites, Camp Sikereti in the south and Camp Khaudum in the north. These have recently been awarded to private operators and should subsequently offer a larger base of services.  Definitely a must for all outdoor enthusiasts!