Duwisib Castle

Overlooking the wide open plains just 70km south west of Maltahöhe lies the beautiful sight of the Duwisib Castle. In 1908 construction was commenced under the watchful eye of "Baron" Captain Hans Heinrich von Wolf. He fell in love with the land and purchased 8 farms in order to build a home for himself and his wife Jayta. He also built stables which housed a thoroughbred horse stud. The building materials were shipped all the way from Germany and transferred via ox wagon from the harbor in Lüderitz . Designed by Wilhelm Sander, the castle with its 22 rooms is magnificent with thick stone walls and a rich history. With the outbreak of WWI in 1914 the baron and his wife were traveling to Europe by boat. Jayta Humphreys used her American citizenship to gain passage on a Dutch ship to Europe after theirs was diverted to Rio de Janeiro. The German baron, however, had to hide on board, apparently as a woman. Upon landing he immediately reenlisted in the German army. Two weeks afterwards, however, he was killed at the Battle of the Somme in 1916, sealing the fate of the castle. His wife never returned to Namibia and it was abandoned to the winds and heat of the desert sun. Many believe that the horses were also left to their fate and that the wild feral horses of the Namib today are the descendants of Captain Hans Heinrich von Wolf’s thoroughbreds.