Oshakati is the main metropolis of the Oshana region of Owamboland and is a great example of true African culture. Active little shops and vendors line the streets and vigorously market their goods while cattle and goats share the roads with vehicles and pedestrians. The surrounding area is quite beautiful with palm trees, greenery and pans or oshanas in Owambo giving rise to fantastic scenery. Oshakati played a vital role in both the Border War and the Namibian War for Independence as a military base, officially founded in 1966. It also functions as a core element in the lucrative cross border trading business with neighboring Angola. Local flavor is greatly expressed in the colorfully decorated cuca shops found throughout the town. Equally as impressive, and some even humoristic, are the names; "Good Will Bar", "Bro Homeboy’s Bar" and "Jamaica Forever" being just a few. For the adventurous travelers, local delicacies such as goat’s head and mopane worms may be enjoyed.