NamibRand Nature Reserve

The beautiful Namibrand Nature Reserve stretches across an expanse considered to be the largest private conservation area in Namibia. Almost 200,000 hectares of wide open vistas, gravel plains, dune belts and breathtaking scenery engages the soul of any person who lays eyes on it. In 1984 the dream of well known businessman Albi Brückner was realized when a few farmlands were incorporated into a conservation area. With 13 farms in total to date, the reserve has successfully rehabilitated the area from the effects of farming and the wildlife and flora has recuperated in full. Fences have been knocked down to encourage free range of movement for the herds of springbok and oryx. The area is self sustaining through the rewards of low impact tourism and the stunning lodges dotting the land provide guests with the incredible opportunity of experiencing the awe inspiring scenery. Nature drives and hikes across the plains allow the visitor to almost touch the soul of the landscape. An early morning balloon ride is a captivating experience with the incredible views of the area from above.