Ghost Town near Luedritz Bucht Namibia


The ghost town of Kolmanskuppe was once abuzz with a myriad of activities, all centered around the diamond mining industry. In 1908, Zacharias Lewala picked up a peculiar stone and showed it to his supervisor.

German railway inspector August Stauch immediately realized the wealth of the discovery. Shortly thereafter, the German government proclaimed the area a Sperrgebiet, or forbidden zone, in order to safeguard the significance of the find.

As mining commenced, the town boomed with an assortment of businesses and entertainment venues. Sporting a ballroom, skittle alley, theatre and casino, Kolmanskuppe quickly grew to a town of importance. The first X-ray machine as well as the first tram in Africa was installed in the mining town.

As the supply of diamonds dwindled however, so did the town’s fame and lifeline. Officially abandoned in 1954, the town is but a skeleton of its formal glory. The unforgiving Namib Desert is slowly reclaiming the area with many buildings already covered with dunes, shifting sands cascading through broken windows and houses standing empty and forlorn.

The town can only be visited by joining a guided tour as the area is still regarded as off limits to the public.

The Kolmanskuppe Tavern offers breakfast, freshly baked delicacies and refrshing drinks. It is situated in the Champaign bar and the Casino. 
Opening times are Monday to Saturday from 8h30 am to 13h00 pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. 

For more info call Daniela at Tel: +264 63 204 033 / +264 81 127 3169

Guided Tours are offerd at scheduled times only.
TIMES (45-60 Minutes):

Monday to Saturday 9h30 am and 11h00 am
Sunday 10h00 am


  • Adult N$ 85.00 per person
  • Child N$ 50.00 per child (6 - 14 Years)
  • Young children and babies - no charge
  • Photo Permits - N$ 230.00 per person (Grant access from Sunrise to Sunset, non commercial photography only
  • For commercial Photograpy pleae contact the office for rates and requirements, Tel: +264 63 204 031 /  Mail: kolmans@iafrica.com.na 
  • For location for Filming please contact office as well.

For more information visit the website of Kolmanskuppe.


You can also visit the Goerke Haus in Luedritz Bucht. Built by Hans Goerke a manager of a diamond company. It is a spectacular Mansion and definitely worth a visit when in Luedritz Bucht. Guided Tours are offeres from Monday to Fridays between 14h00 pm and 16h00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays between 16h00 pm and 17h00 pm. Closed on PUblic holidays.