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Namibia is in the process of democratic consolidation. Predictably, therefore in their manifestos and other campaign literature, all of the parties mention the importance of upholding a democratic system. SWAPO stated that democracy was about choice hence, the party was directing its efforts to enhancing the devolution of national powers and resources to regional and local authorities. SWAPO’s favoring of a pluralistic democracy is also indicative of a number of political and social undercurrents that have, ever since its coming to power, shaped its policies at all levels of government. Today SWAPO can be proud of not just entrenching democracy in Namibia, but making it a functioning democracy. Its policy of open government, consultation, and  reconciliation have brought Namibia enormous peace dividends of its own. Democracy has been given a new lease of beneficiaries. In addition, Namibia is receiving considerable support also from international aid agencies as well as donor states and organizations, who insist on the compliance with certain preconditions concerned with democracy and human rights. In the  prevailing positive political climate of Namibia the awareness that  national reconciliation is essential for positive development is a high priority amongst political leaders and their supporters.