Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon stretches across the dry gravel plains for approximately 160km. With drops of up to 500m deep and dividing the plains up to 27km in width, it is regarded by some as the second largest in the world and the largest in Africa. The canyon is quite a majestic site and one of Namibia’s most prominent features. It is believed to have formed by not only water erosion, but also the movement of the earth’s crust, resulting in the collapse of the valley bottom. The Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail promises visitors an incredible adventure. 5 days of traversing the beauty and intrigue of the canyon with only that which you can carry in a backpack makes for one of the most exciting holiday ideas. Sites along the canyon offer incredible vista and panoramic views. Beautiful lodges and camps are dotted around the canyon, offering a relaxing break from the dryness and heat. At the southern end of the canyon lies the hot water springs of Ai-Ais. Offering welcome respite from a long day of exploring the canyon, the springs are reputed for their medicinal and therapeutic qualities in terms of rheumatism and stress relief. Accommodation ranges from camping sites to luxury en suite facilities.