Namibian Blogs

With a country as diverse as Namibia, the visitor can find him/herself easily overwhelmed by it all, so we thought it wise to provide some links to some of the best local blogs, written by Namibians on various general and travel topics, this is just another way we try and make our country more accessible to visitors.

The Wohni Blog

Tommy Kellner is a keen photographer and explorer of this side of Africa, being a family man he created what we will call an off-road camper, but better known among the local German speaking population as a Wohni. Here you can find amazing information on exploring Namibia by Wohni, the construction of such a vehicle, its gadgets and reliable advice on the areas it already has traversed.

Two Scooters & The Desert

Two 20 something South African friends decided to travel by scooter more than 2000km's via the desert gravel road from their home in Elgin near Cape Town to Etosha in Namibia, follow their adventure here.

Cape @ Cairo Adventure

A dream becoming reality for 7 guys and one gal with a sense of adventure from the Cape Town area, Western Cape, South Africa (6 on motorbikes and 2 in the support vehicle) travelling down the length of Africa. The proposed route is expected take us along 15,000 km of the best and worst roads Africa has to offer.

Footprints of The Mind

After 13 hectic years in corporate life, my family and I (husband Sean, daughter Lauralyn [7] and son Michael [5]) embarked on a two year sabbatical on the edge of the Namib Desert in Namibia.  The aim is to regroup as a family and to try to uphold a sustainable lifestyle.  This blog is about our journey.  I hope you enjoy it!

The Real World

And now I’m in my second year in Namibia. Its been a crazy time. A time of highs and lows. Each one reaching past the last. But through it all I have realized I’ve arrived. I must have. There is no "Real World". Or rather, it doesn’t matter what others say about the type of career, or lack of, I’ve chosen. I have fit more experience into this year and some months than I could have hoped for in some office.

Swimming With Scorpions

I’m an American girl romantically entangled with a Namibian man.  I moved here to Namibia to be with him with my three cats (a ridiculous story in itself) in 2010.  As I, a vegetarian, struggle to find my place in his world, a cattle farm, stories and shenanigans abound.  I thought I should share, so, here we are.

Best Of The Day

She is a Namibian and she Blogs about almost anything that crosses her path living in this country.

Girl Unstoppable

One day your mother calls you to say that she’s been accepted into the Peace Corps. And she’s being placed in Namibia. As soon as she tells you, she correctly guesses that you’re already planning your visit.

Milton Louw

Milton Louw is a Namibian born socio-political entrepreneur. He has traveled extensively promoting Namibia as an investment destination. His publications, email newsletters and more recently his blogs are read by entrepreneurs from all sizes of businesses. His research on managing a country as a business using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools has been received by a wide audience of business, academics and other social entrepreneurs.