Health & Safety


Namibia is not subject to any prior health certificates or injections although malaria prevention tablets are encouraged when visiting the far northern areas. Windhoek houses a few high standard private hospitals and emergency services with general practitioners and dentists readily available in larger towns. The more rural parts are not as high standard and visitors are advised to seek proper care in capital city Windhoek. Medical evacuations by plane or road can be done from the more remote lodges and camps. 



Most crimes in Namibia include pick pocketing, vehicle break-ins and purse snatching. Violent crimes are rare and Namibia has enjoyed a fairly stable economy since its independence in 1990. The best policy to safeguard against crime is to be vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings. Valuables such as wallets, cell phones and passports must be kept out of sight and tucked away safely. Windhoek’s emergency number is 211-111. From cell phones or roaming phones please dial +264 (61) 211-111. Medivac emergency services also have their own numbers to dial while police and fire department numbers are readily available.