Getting to Namibia

Getting to Namibia

Hosea Kutako International Airport to most overseas visitors will seem like just a tarmac runway with a few buildings but Namibia’s main airport supports services from neighboring countries such as South African Airways and TAAG as well as British Airways , Lufthansa , Qatar , Etiopian Airlines. Namibia offers flights to and from Frankfurt as well as neighboring countries such as Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Most flights from Europe or USA are either diverted via Frankfurt in Germany or Johannesburg in South Africa. Flying times to Namibia are recorded below:


London to Windhoek                                           12 hours

Frankfurt to Windhoek                                         11 hours

USA via South Africa to Windhoek                      20 hours

Johannesburg/Cape Town to Windhoek              2 hours

Lusaka to Windhoek                                            2 hours